Being an open and creative person, Jane has a plural approach to her yoga practice and teaching. Alongside her study of the Krishnamacharya traditions of yoga; Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa with John Scott, Hatha Yoga with Shandor Remete and the Bihar Yoga Tradition with Swami Vedantanada Saraswati, Jane has trained in the traditional somatic disciplines of Qi Gong and Chen Tai Ji with Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang and Shifu Liu Quanjun.

Teaching and inspiring students for twenty years, running BWY Foundation, Certificate and Diploma Courses; seamlessly threading the principles and practices of the Indian and Chinese expressions of yoga.

What now emerges is an authentic style of teaching, learnt from many years of experience and practice, which includes limbering, alignment, awareness, breath, balance and focus.

Yoga enables equilibration to life’s constant challenges.

Yoga is a gift to the world, a blessing offered to all.


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  1. Hi Jane, I am the organiser for The Suffolk Yoga Circle and wanted to invite you, if you are available, to come and teach a day of yoga for us one Saturday in either April or May next year, here in Stowupland in Suffolk. You have been highly recommended by Catherine Wager and on viewing your website, I feel your teachings would be perfect for us. There would be about 45 students and teachers attending and as we are a non profit making organisation I would pay you your daily rate plus expenses. Do let me know if you are interested and I can give you more info. Kindest regards, Nikki


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